Ancillary product and delivery expertise and scale

LSV exists to make our health plan partners stronger. We do this by providing ancillary lines that complement — and strongly integrate with — health coverage, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best.

We provide ancillary focus, expertise, and operating scale for dental, supplemental, life, and disability products. We have a history of building profitable dental blocks that improve member health, decrease medical loss ratios, increase partner competitiveness, and return profits. We do this by developing large, high-quality provider networks along with products that improve quality of care, reduce the cost of dental care, deliver service scale, and integrate with our partners’ population health management objectives. Learn more about our dental alliance model.

USAble LifeSM is a top-ten ancillary carrier and a top-three dental carrier in each market service area. We are large enough to provide scale while small enough to tailor our offerings and support to our health plan partners. USAble Life can also deploy local sales support, embed local service and account management resources, and facilitate localized marketing campaigns. Learn more about our USAble Life business.

Tailored integration approaches

We work closely with each health plan partner to optimize integration points that have the highest return on investment while avoiding high-cost technology projects. We tailor our sales, marketing, and operating models to each partner to capitalize on the benefits of going to market as a multiline carrier while leaning on our extensive experience and capabilities.

Improved member health and well-being

To support our partners in their healthcare missions, we have proven integration models that increase overall health and financial well-being. Our dental plans encourage use of preventive benefits and include our Dental4Health® program. Our supplemental products complement medical coverage offered by our partners and include incentives for members who complete actions such as annual exams and preventive screenings.

Increased competitiveness and persistency

Our expanded ancillary product offerings increase health plan competitiveness against multiline and stand-alone carriers. Multiyear studies confirm that group health persistency increases as customers purchase USAble Life products along with health plan products.

We bundle our offerings so that partners can provide integrated insurance solutions to the market. Multiline carriers are increasingly competitive with their bundled offerings. Our partner-branded dental and co-branded life and disability products align with group and individual purchasers’ preferences, strengthening our partners’ competitive positions.

Financial returns

Partnering with LSV creates the opportunity to drive additional revenue through our distribution partners, allowing partners to monetize their sales teams and giving sales representatives and affiliated agents cross-sell opportunities and related compensation. Ancillary bonus programs further benefit sales staff.

At the same time, our equity partners gain a consistent source of incremental income through ownership in a stable, growing enterprise with a history of equity appreciation and dividend generation.

Ready to work together?

We welcome the opportunity to offer strategies and solutions to deliver a more competitive benefits offering for new partners. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us.