Supplemental, Life, & Disability

Unparalleled ancillary focus

For over 40 years, USAble LifeSM has provided ancillary benefits alongside some of the nation’s largest health insurers. To expand the portfolio of life and disability products offered to our customers, USAble Life has been a part of the LSV family since its inception. Our vast market expertise guides everything we do — from the extraordinary care we give our customers to the alignment of products, sales and enrollment capabilities, and joint client management.

Through our USAble Life business, we offer a full range of products in the ancillary insurance space to complement health plans. Our offerings are provided through our health insurance distribution partners. With decades of experience in this market, we are at the forefront of product design and deeply understand our customer needs.

Flexible, benefit-rich products

Our extensive portfolio of life, disability, and supplemental products insures more than 1.7 million people and over 29,000 groups. Our products include Term Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Accident Critical Illness, and Hospital. These products may be funded by the employer, by the employee on a voluntary basis, both in combination, or through consumer channels.

USAble Life’s customers include small, midsize, and large groups, including numerous school groups, municipalities, some of the nation’s largest health systems, and one of the fastest-growing national retailers. USAble Life is licensed to sell in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Consistently high service delivery

The exceptionally high-quality service for which we are known is an outcome of the value we place on our teammates. We invest in experienced service professionals who partner with brokers and groups from enrollment strategy to day-to-day policyholder support.

Our customer care, membership, and enrollment teams are known for their efficiency and ability to deliver for customers. We offer highly customizable, user-friendly enrollment solutions and maintenance tools that significantly reduce administrative workload.

We’ve developed leading-edge technology to ensure ease of benefits administration for our partners and their customers, and we’re continually upgrading to remain best in class.

We are nimble and flexible in working with our partners to supply ancillary products to complete benefits programs. Contact us if you’re ready to consider partnering with us.