Thought Leadership

Leading the charge to integrate dental and medical coverage

At LSV, we work with our partners to provide integrated offerings that improve the health and well-being of their members. Central among these is our Dental4Health® programs, which coordinate dental and medical coverage to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs.

Harvard Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine

To strengthen these programs and position ourselves and our partners as leaders in medical-dental integration, LSV has served as a major contributing force behind the Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine. Sponsored by the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, this initiative convenes business and academic leaders to advance ideas and pursue research on improving health outcomes through the integration of oral health and primary healthcare.

LSV helped establish the Harvard initiative in 2015. Ed Murphy, LSV executive vice president, was both a founding member and a collaborative figure in bringing together the wide range of industry leaders that now participate in the initiative. Sol Brotman, D.D.S., LSV vice president - national clinical operations, has also joined the Initiative as a board member.

Included among the Initiative’s accomplishments is a project co-led by Ed Murphy to establish a national, multicarrier repository of medical and dental claims data, as well as a data science team to research the intersection of health and dental care. The Harvard Medical School is also a participant in this work, along with LSV, our partners, and other national multiline carriers.

Our work with Harvard demonstrates our innovation in the dental industry and reinforces the value we bring as a dental partner. We continue to collaborate with our partners in creating ways to better integrate oral health and broader healthcare — as well as drive better health outcomes for our members.

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