Partnering to improve the value and affordability of employee benefits programs

Specialty insurance products bring real
security, financial well-being, and peace of mind
to employees. ROLL OVER >

We help employees through personal and
medical hardships. ROLL OVER >


Partnering to deliver services that make a difference.

The services we provide are both an extension of the health insurance offering and our own specialty insurance offering. In all cases, they add value by helping people get through a tough situation.


Partnering by providing extensive, flexible support.

Our Dental4Health® program is a unique approach that integrates health and ancillary data to improve overall member health and wellness, and reduce medical expenses.


Partnering with relevant, innovative products.

We provide a comprehensive offering of innovative product solutions that leverage our technology, processes, experience and medical expertise to make a meaningful difference in customers’ lives.


There is no limit to our potential together...

Together, with an understanding of our strategy, people, processes and technology, you will gain a 360 degree viewpoint on Life & Specialty Ventures and come to appreciate
The Power of Partnering.